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Let’s Get a Little Real Here

I’m going to make a confession. It may sound terrible. In the age of helicopter parenting, one might think I was an awful mother. Ok. Here goes. Sometimes I leave my kids in the car. Now, wait. Before you judge me, know this-I only ever do it if I have to run in a small store or gas station for a single item or to pay for gas. I never leave them if it is even slightly warm out and never for more than five minutes. I have three kids… Read more Let’s Get a Little Real Here

Poopocalypse 2018

Tuesday, May 15th was a dark day in our household. It was night. As I lay supine on the couch, I felt that familiar gurgle in my lower belly. I sprinted to the toilet and had what could only be described as an eruption. Positively volcanic. I went to bed thankful that I only had approximately eight steps between myself and the toilet. On Wednesday I received this text: E: I think I’m sick. *sweating emoji I immediately called him. “What kind of sick?” I asked, warily. He replied, “Well,… Read more Poopocalypse 2018

How to be an Undomestic Goddess Part 2: Undomestic Mama

As an Undomestic Mama, I have many tips of the trade. Some are too shameful to share, however. I fear that certain insider secrets might cast me in a bad light. I’ve selected a few of the more flattering tips, that highlight my undomestic-ness but won’t make anyone fear for the welfare of my children. I jest. Bottles As I’ve birthed each subsequent kid, my cleanliness requirements have diminished. With Thing 1, I sterilized each bottle after use, put the bottle in the fridge instantly after the baby finished if… Read more How to be an Undomestic Goddess Part 2: Undomestic Mama

Mom Brain is Real Folks

Why…are my keys in the vegetable drawer? What did I come in here for anyway? Oh, coffee. Right. Wait, the milk is still out. I hope it wasn’t out all night. Why did I come in here again? Oh, coffee. Mom brain is real, guys. The same brain that can juggle multiple kids’ schedules, pay the bills of the household, successfully work a job, be it from home or out of the home, can also accidentally store the cheese in the cupboard. I can write a well researched article about… Read more Mom Brain is Real Folks