Fiddler’s Roost   Galax, VA


Ed and I spent a weekend here at Fiddler’s Roost in Galax, Virginia. We left on Friday and came back on Sunday. The best part was we brought zero babies. Zero. I know you guys know what that feels like! Shout out to the grandparents who made that happen!

The setting was idyllic (if you discount the torrential downpours).


The cabin was cozy and comfortable; it had satellite television for those who can’t miss

the big game (UNC vs NC STATE rematch,



anyone?) but if you want to completely unplug from social media and telephone communication, this is the place to be. It was freeing to be unable to connect.  They also have a cabin cat named Bear that, if you wish, will join you in your cabin. I renamed him ‘Bob’ because of his bobtail.

The only downside was the fact that on Thursday night both of us felt a cold coming on. We knew it was coming because it hit all of the boys beginning with Jack the week before. We were determined, however, to persevere! It took us longer to pack up and get out (more than once I had to roust Ed from bed to help), but we got on the road after twelve, Ed coughing and me sneezing so frequently, I feared for my driving capabilities. We both had nourishing, soothing soup at Aunt Bea’s in Mt. Airy on the way.

We arrived at the cabin and went immediately to bed. We had dinner in Galax at Macado’s and went to bed at 8:30. One am saw us each on our side of the bed, face down but propped on our elbows, simultaneously blowing our noses.

It was, honestly, the most relaxing and best place we could have come to convalesce. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and plan to return in the future, perhaps with our older two boys.



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