Busy Bee


I’ve been busy this past week, doing some spring cleaning and changing out the clothes for the boys. It seems like it should be easy that T and O are so close in age; as soon as T is out of something it gets popped into O’s drawer. The reality is that we have clothes everywhere, intermixed. And then came Jack. Now there’s a longish lag in between sizes and… I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been busy!

I’ve also been trying to figure this WordPress thing out. It’s much more confusing than blogger, where I just wrote and published. Now there’s code and stuff. I’m not so good at HTML.

Spring is approaching if my and the boys’ itchy eyes and noses are anything to judge by. Spring soccer at Southeast Baptist Church is starting up. You can find their Facebook page and info here.

Bible Study Fellowship is getting close to finishing the study of Romans. If you’re interested in starting BSF you can find a class and sign up here.  It’s a good idea to start up at the end of the academic year if you’re interested in starting the following year.



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