Friday Roundup 3/9/2018

The ACC Tournament is in full force. NC State lost to Boston College in a bizarre turn of events at the end of the game. Puke, excuse me, Duke beat Notre Dame 88-70. Carolina beat Miami 82-65. Other teams played games.

Amazon Echo owners are baffled as Alexa has taken it upon herself to laugh randomly, unprompted by commands. If you have recently hired a priest or exorcist, you may want to make sure your Amazon Echo isn’t making those ghostly cackles.

To install your own Alexa cackler, click here:

No one in our house has eaten any pennies. Jack has started on solids and seems to enjoy them. Oliver decided to decorate his room with lotion and style his hair. He smelled like a lavender diffuser for several hours. Teddy is busy being tooney. (A made up word.)



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