Weekend Adventures

We took, what I believe to be, the first trip as a family of five where everybody came in. We went to Once Upon a Child (where they only took one item that wasn’t stored in the attic and didn’t require me to climb into the attic and subsequently fall halfway down the attic ladder, but I digress), Target, The Red Collection (a used furniture consignment store) and McDonald’s for lunch.

Jack was over it at this point.

We went to the Red Collection to look for a table; now that we are a party of five and Jack is starting on solids, we need a bigger table. The table I had my eye on had been sold but we were lucky to find this one:


It only required removing the front door to get it in the house!

We indulged at McDonald’s (who am I kidding, it’s more of a weekly thing, not a special treat). The boys got to play at the playplace and Oliver actually made it to the top this time!


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