April Fools: Some Things Aren’t Jokes


I don’t want to sound preachy. Ten years ago, I would have thought it was funny. But from personal experience, seeing fake pregnancy announcements while you’re going through miscarriages or infertility issues can be heartbreaking. April of 2013 saw me with two of my three miscarriages under my belt and those announcements hurt almost as much as the real ones.

Imagine if you have been trying for three years to have a baby, not getting a single positive test in all that time and one of your friends, not thinking, posts that they are pregnant. Not only that, but it’s just a joke! Seriously? They didn’t mean to hurt you. It was a joke to them and they have no idea how it could be taken to those who are struggling. Truly, they aren’t meaning to be hurtful.

It seems harmless. Give your mom or your friends a startle. Just think before you post. Keep it off social media.


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