At Least I Don’t Live In…


Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant, signed this country’s most restrictive abortion law to date. The law bans abortions after fifteen weeks gestation.

I’m not going to get into pro-choice vs pro-life (except to say, do not ever, in my presence, utter the term pro-abortion. No one is pro-abortion).

The law does state that there are some exceptions to the 15 week embargo. Cases of “severe fetal abnormality or medical emergency” will be considered. Who decides that? Who decides how severe a fetal abnormality is? What if the baby’s continued gestation is harmful to the mother, but not necessarily a medical emergency?

There are so many factors to consider and I’ve said in the past that abortion laws do nothing except stop women’s access to “safe” abortions. Abortions will still happen. The only difference is, we’ll be losing more mothers as well. Thumbs down, Mississippi.


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  1. These are draconian laws with no insight in or expertise of the subject matter. Continuing pregnancy or not is totally and solely a decision for the prospective mother (or not mother) and possibly with help and support from her partner. It’s not a governmental or political matter. When will we finally come to a mature and well-informed judgement about this matter?

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