Adventures in Pet Sitting

As one might imagine, pet sitting can be an interesting venture. With the blend of personalities of dogs and our gentle giant thrown into the mix, it can be crazy!

This weekend we have some frequent fliers, Basha and Bagheera. Both young dogs, Basha (a chocolate lab) and Bagheera (a german shepherd) have TONS of energy, as you might expect. Thankfully, we have a large exercise yard to let them run and play in when the weather is nice!

Recently we had an extra gate installed that allows you to enter one gate, shut it and then enter the primary gate, like at a dog park. This allows us to bring dogs back and forth without the possibility of escape. I keep the outer gate locked so no one can escape (usually the culprit is Bear. He and cousin Lola have orchestrated escapes before, but we’ve never lost a client! Hence, the reason for the extra gate security.)

This brings us to today’s story. One of the dogs, likely Bagheera as shepherds are pretty smart, opened the inner gate and let all of the dogs into it. The gate latched behind and all three dogs were locked in the 4×8 foot area. I heard them barking and went to check and this is what I found:

This was our first experience using our new gate with guests. Lesson learned: lock the inner gate instead.


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