Friday Roundup 3/23/2018


Somewhere under the rock beneath which I’ve been living, news penetrated that informed me of the Austin bomber. I don’t know how I missed this story. My thoughts and prayers go to the people of Austin, especially those killed or injured by the bomber. Thankfully, he is no longer able to terrorize Austin as he ignited one of his own bombs and killed himself before he could be apprehended. You can read the entire story here:


The tiny alien mummy turned out to be human after all. The remains of a mummified skeleton was found in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003 and because of its oddly elongated skull, diminutive size (6 inches long) and bone structure, people were not convinced that it was not an alien. Evidently, it took fifteen years for DNA testing to be completed and it proved that the skeleton was from a human infant, possibly still-born, who had a number of genetic malformations.  You can read more here:

The only real news for our house is that I just discovered that there is a limit on the number of articles you can view on The NY Times website before you get kicked off and told to buy a subscription. That sucks. Don’t you have enough money, New York Times?


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