Reasons My Kids Are Weird

Happy baby.

I have a three year old, a two year old and an infant. They all have their quirks. Thus far the infant’s only real quirk is “happy yell,” but give it some time. He’ll be right there with the other weirdos.





3 y.o. Where do cows poop?


Me: Cows poop in fields.


3 y.o. Ooohh. I bet the fields don’t like that!


My two year old, while playing with his toys, will talk aloud to and for them. This in itself is not weird. What is weird is when he finishes a statement and goes, “Hmmph!” in a high pitched, disapproving aunt way. It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Both of the boys m_DSC0017ake up words and use them as insults. My husband and I have adopted the made up words and use them around outsiders. “Tooney” means you’re being annoying. Koofi haffi tooney is the ultimate insult. No one wants to be koofi haffi tooney.

My three year old has an obsession with the blessing, “God is Great,” and gets upset when we do “God Our Father” or “Now We Thank You.” Sometimes people will bless the food with their own words and he looks a little put out by that too. The best part is his own spin on “God is Great” where he goes, “Thank you for delicious food.” What if the food wasn’t delicious? Would he still thank God for it?


Whenever his brother gets attention for getting injured, my two year old will (assuming he witnessed the accident) go and replay the accident with himself as the starring role and then fake cry to me. He is so tooney.



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