One Blind Mouse

Ed called from work early Monday morning. “Hey, do you want a mouse?”

I stopped what I was doing because this was likely to be an odd conversation. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Some guys found a baby mouse. Do you want it?”20180430_181320

“Um… sure.” I had wanted rats, but we’ll work up to that! I told him to put it in a box and I’d come and get it. I loaded up the boys and we headed over to pick up our new baby.

I read up on baby mice. This guy still has his eyes closed, so he was under two weeks. He has fur, so he’s not a pinky. They can eat goat milk or kitten formula. They are supposed to eat every two hours.

I picked up our mouse and we headed over to PetSmart and purchased mouse food and kitten formula. I just happened to already have an aquarium and pine shavings, so I tossed in a toilet paper tube and called it home.

I feed him roughly every two hours during the day, but night feedings-forget about it. He seemed to be OK the next morning and was a lot spunkier than the day before. I guess we’ll see how this goes!



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