Mom Brain is Real Folks

Why…are my keys in the vegetable drawer? What did I come in here for anyway? Oh, coffee. Right. Wait, the milk is still out. I hope it wasn’t out all night. Why did I come in here again? Oh, coffee.

Mom brain is real, guys. The same brain that can juggle multiple kids’ schedules, pay the bills of the household, successfully work a job, be it from home or out of the home, can also accidentally store the cheese in the cupboard.

I can write a well researched article about SIDS but I once forgot to rinse my hair before I got out of the shower.

I pay all the bills and manage the household but I once dumped four scoops of formula out of the dry bottle and into the sink.

I’ve considered taking ginkgo biloba for my memory but I forgot to buy it at the store.

I once strapped my firstborn into his car seat, picked up my bag and keys and got into the car. As I turned the key in the ignition, I realized I’d left the baby in the house. That was with only one kid, you guys!

The biggest problem in our household is that my husband’s memory is even worse than mine! The struggle is real.



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