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Mom Brain is Real Folks

Why…are my keys in the vegetable drawer? What did I come in here for anyway? Oh, coffee. Right. Wait, the milk is still out. I hope it wasn’t out all night. Why did I come in here again? Oh, coffee. Mom brain is real, guys. The same brain that can juggle multiple kids’ schedules, pay the bills of the household, successfully work a job, be it from home or out of the home, can also accidentally store the cheese in the cupboard. I can write a well researched article about… Read more Mom Brain is Real Folks


On Sunday, April 15th an EF-2 tornado tore through Greensboro, causing much destruction and one death. Three elementary schools were damaged enough that the students and staff have to be relocated for the remainder of the school year. Our local elementary school is absorbing over 250 students from a local Montessori school. After learning of the location of the tornado, I wondered about my brother-in-law whose house is only about 4-5 miles outside of the tornado’s path of destruction. I texted him the next day and when I hadn’t heard… Read more Twister